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Charity Events

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the Big Bikes for your charity event. First of all make sure you have checked out the technical specifications for each of the bikes.

  • We recommend you plan the route of your bike well in advance, taking into consideration the maximum distances and speeds for each particular machine. Collections well do better if people are aware what the event is and when & where it is going to take place. Shopping centers and malls have a high concentration of people for your collectors to target.

  • It is a good idea to arrange more riders than there are seats available. If everyone does turn up on the day, you can rotate riders about the bike and the excess make great "tin-shakers" / collectors.

  • Although country lanes will provide a nice scenic route, more densily populated areas will result in a better collection.

  • We recommend challenging each rider to a target of £50.00 (most people hit 30% above their target).
            Click here to download your sponsorship form (MS Word document)

  • Get local businesses to sponsor the event. There is a large area for a banner above the bike (details on the technical specifications page).